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  M6/ M9 Cylinder Backpack  

M6/ M9 Cylinder Backpack

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Part Number: CD1005
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  This unique dual strapped backpack enables a patient to be quite active while still being mobile with their oxygen supply system. This bag is double padded in the rear to minimize the pressure from the cylinder against the back. Using a standard regulator or a conserving device, the entire oxygen system is concealed within the confines of the bag. The only piece of equipment which is visible is the cannula tubing which exits the bag through a small grommet, travels under the patient's arm, and rests over their patient's ears. The bag is constructed of washable, heavy-duty denier, has padded shoulder straps with sternum strap, has large easy-grab zipper pulls, an embroidered carrying handle for easy pick up, an outside stuff cord, and a large zippered pocket. This bag can accommodate both M6 and M9 medical cylinders.

Here's what other customers had to say about this product:
•  I have used a backpack for my M/6 tanks for a long time and like the hands-free aspect of the backpack. But the backpack I was using would slip off my shoulders when I was raking the leaves or doing other work and it was driving me crazy. I had a lot of trouble finding a new padded strap that was comfortable and worked the way I wanted it too. This backpack is very comfortable and does not slip off of my shoulders. i think its the placement of the straps. It also has the sternum strap if needed. Contrary to some reviewer's reports there is a hole for viewing the oxygen gauge. I LOVE this backpack and wish I had bought one sooner. Its comfortable to wear and is the perfect oxygen tank carrier. Its compact, well made and I am VERY happy with it. Thank you.
•  Good looking, nice to wear, very good quality for the price.
•  I have used oxygen since the fall of 2003...and I am very active....I have been given many back packs to use and I have't found another one that is as good as the one I got from you....
•  Backpack was received promptly and was as described. Have not used it yet. Looks good however.
•  The backpack is made of a heavy duty material as was described. Has pockets that my husband can use to put his other supplies in for the oxygen tanks and keep them all together. We received the back pack earlier than what we expected and my husband has enjoyed using it immensely. He can now putter around in his shop with both hands free when he uses the oxygen tank carrier as a backpack. We should have had something like this a long time would have made things so much more handy! Thank you Cramer Decker Medical, you do know your customers and what they need!!
•  My opinion is very good of your product. The only complaint I have is that the straps do not last as long as I would expect them to. I know they have a lot of stress, but overall, I am satisfied with your service.
•  Very convenient.

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